May 14 • 2HR 13M

Exposing the neocon 'right-wing populism' scam, from Trump to Tucker Carlson

Journalists Ben Norton and Robbie Martin discuss how neoconservatives like Fox News host and CIA applicant Tucker Carlson cynically rebranded as "right-wing populists" while pushing war on China

Benjamin Norton
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Multipolarista host Benjamin Norton and journalist Robbie Martin discuss how neoconservative US imperialists like Fox News host Tucker Carlson (a CIA applicant) and Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cynically tried to rebrand as "right-wing populists," while pushing war on China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and Palestine.

These bogus "populists" portrayed Donald Trump as an "anti-war" president, while he killed top Iranian and Iraqi officials, imposed suffocating sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela, waged a hybrid war on China, bombed the hell out of Afghanistan, expanded the war on Yemen, strongly supported apartheid Israel and Saudi Arabia, militarily occupied Syria and Iraq to take their oil, and tore up arms control agreements with Russia.


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